Enterprise is at your command. This 68' Squadron Fairline combines power & sophistication to deliver you into the world of ultimate luxury cruising.

The majestic lines of Enterprise conceal a wild heart & potential to thrill, her elegant profile transform into a sleek blur on the water. Snorkel, cruise, scuba dive, explore or simply just relax. Enterprise offers exclusive private day & overnight charters to Low Isles & the Outer Great Barrier Reef with personalised service & gourmet cuisine.

Enterprise Charters is Ecotourism Certified & proudly Australian owned.
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Enterprise is the choice for those seeking cruising comfort and ultimate style. Your itinerary, your menu, your entire experience will be customized to ensure your trip aboard the Enterprise is like no other.


Explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, snorkel, take a leisurely stroll on a sand cay, sightsee or simply escape enjoying the cruise. Enterprise is ideal for families, weddings, special occasions, cocktail parties, sunset cruises & film shoots.